Do You Really Need to Check Google Ranking Keyword Rank?

The tool you use to check Google keyword rank is a crucial part of the Search Engine Optimization process. Your goal should be to make sure that your website ranks high for the specific terms that you want to get traffic to. Here are a few tips to help you out with that:

Content First – Keep it simple: Your keyword phrase should be your first keyword. Try to keep your content as short and concise as possible, so that people can remember it easily.

Page Rank – Check your page rank before you set up your site. Make sure it is not too low and that it is in the top 10 of most popular sites for your industry.

Keyword Phrases – Uses the most common keywords would be a good idea. Avoid having keywords such as “free”money”.

Keyword Matching – check google keyword rank Keeps your keywords well-matched to the length of your articles. Be as precise as possible while at the same time using keywords that people might actually type in.

Advertising – Traffic is free if you’re not paying for it. Make sure that you get the maximum amount of traffic to your site without overloading it with too many advertisements.

Link Building – You can only get link building to your site if your site is already popular and established. Check your Google Ranking Site, the Google Directory and other search engines and see what kind of traffic you are getting.

The tools that are used to check Google site rankings are usually free. You will need to input a name for your site, a location and a name for your keywords.

It is good to try the site for a month, and then move on to a third party such as EzineArticles or Squidoo. Both of these options will give you a list of quality sites that rank high on Google for the topic you are marketing.

Having your site rankings checked is helpful, but don’t get too caught up in it. Your goals are to have a high site ranking, a lot of traffic and good profit margin.

Once you get your keyword, put some real work into it and start submitting your site regularly to the search engines. You will rank high and be able to make more money from Google with that one.

Remember that a free keyword can cost a lot of money if you do not understand the concept. Use the keywords that are more relevant to your niche and try to make it as short and concise as possible.

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